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  • Hustle (S5)

    From Monday 3 November at 21:00

    Following his stint in Australia selling the Sydney Opera House to an unsuspecting punter, Mickey has returned to a new London. The credit crunch has hit Britain, but while the majority of people are tightening their belts there are still a scurrilous and greedy few who are getting ever richer from others’ losses.

    If there is opportunity to be found and money to be made, then you can be sure that Mickey and the team will be there, ready to teach the immoral and materialistic members of society a valuable lesson.


    The con is on...

  • Southcliffe (S1)

    From Wednesday 5 November at 21:00

    When journalist David Whitehead returns to his childhood home to report on a spate of shootings over a single day, he finds a town ripped apart by violence and sudden bereavement.

    The residents' resilience, both as a community and as individuals, has been cruelly tested. As David searches for answers, his story interweaves with those closest to the victims of the tragedy, revealing their lives before, during and after the killings.


    A town torn apart...

  • Hebburn (S2)

    From Friday 7 November at 20:30

    The hit comedy series returns, continuing the story of the loving but quirky Pearson family and their oddball friends.

    With Jack now editor of the local paper and Sarah expecting their first child, they're even more desperate to move out of the chaotic family home and get a place of their own. As Jack and Sarah adjust to new parenthood, an unexpected offer could see them leaving Hebburn for good.


    Family comedy...

  • Ideal (S7)

    From Saturday 8 November at 22:30

    Set in Salford, Greater Manchester, this dark comedy drama stars Johnny Vegas as a drug dealer with a conscience.

    In series seven, Moz’s girlfriend Nicki moves out and refuses to move back in until Moz clears up the flat and gets rid of the rat that’s taken up residence. Also, a jealous Nicki tries to slip some rat poison into China’s coffee and Brian announces he is now heterosexual...


    Dark comedy...

BBC Lifestyle

  • Homes Under The Hammer (S7)

    From Monday 10 November at 17:15 and 22:00

    Property developers Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander accompany prospective buyers, along with inquisitive viewers, to auctions where, each episode, three properties will be sold off.

    Firstly, they visit a flat with communal gardens near Twickenham, a property in Bolton and a house in Gravesend with a garden that needs some work. Later, the pair also visit a seafront terrace in Devon, a traditional Kent barn and stables and an awkward three bedroom house in Staffordshire, which could be a developer's dream.


    Going, going, gone...

  • Rick Stein's India (S1)

    From Wednesday 12 November at 18:10 and 22:50

    Chef Rick Stein sets out on an Indian Odyssey, to discover the different cuisines that are celebrated world over.

    Rick begins his Indian journey by exploring the regions that began Britain's love affair with curry – Bengal and Tamil Nadu. As his journey ends, Rick Stein discovers a five star hotel in Madurai employing local housewives for genuine home-cooked dishes, and also meets India's first MasterChef winner in Lucknow to observe the making of dum machli, a sophisticated fish dish served at royal tables.


    A taste of India...

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